Summertime tips for your business


Get ready to have the best summer of your career!

By Hannah Fell

It's summertime, and business can be easy with these tips from the Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce! It’s time to splash on into new business ideas and opportunities. Follow these tips below to make the most out of this season:

  1. Longer hours. Summertime equals longer days, which means people are going to want to spend more time out and about later into the evening. Take advantage of the late sunsets and extend your business hours for the summer and rake in all the extra foot traffic.
  2. Promotions and products. Revamp your inventory with some summer themed products or summer must-have items, like sunglasses, sunscreen, and koozies! No matter what type of business you own you can create your own merch on many different items for summer. Don’t forget to have a promotion for all your new, awesome products.
  3. Have a party. Warmer, longer days are ahead and people are itching to get out of their homes after a long winter. There’s not a better time to hold a small event in your store! Offer free goodies, coupons, limited edition products and, of course, snacks and drinks. Pick a summery theme and decorate as much as you can. Buzz about a fun event, even if it's small, will create excitement over you and your business.
  4. Travel. The summer can be especially slow for certain businesses, take advantage of the low traffic and get out of town for a bit. One reason is that everyone needs a break. Getting out of town will help give you a fresh perspective on your business goals. A second reason is to exchange knowledge with other professionals and gain inspiration from how others run their business by finding some conferences and networking events within your field to travel to.
  5. Plan for the holidays. During the summer months there are several holidays that you should plan to make promotions for, decorate for, and invest in themed products for. These holidays include Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Father’s and Mother’s Day. Don’t lose the opportunity to capitalize on some fun holidays!
  6. Target the tourists. In Tahlequah, summertime can be especially busy for certain businesses due to the tourism that comes from our lake, river, and hiking areas. Find out what tourists in our area are looking for and keep inventory on those products. Give out promotions for first time customers, offer freebies to out of towners, and don’t forget to just make conversation and connect with people so they feel at home and comfortable in Tahlequah, and in your store. 

There you are, 6 tips on how to keep your business thriving through the hot summer months. The TACC has plenty of more advice, information and offers for you and your business, stay tuned for our next blog!

The heat waves are coming in, keep your business cool and collected with the TACC. If you aren’t yet a member, reach out to us by calling 918-456-3742 or email Make the most out of your summer by being a member!