About Us

Our Mission

Advancing Business. Connecting Community. Securing Our Future.

The Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce is Tahlequah's premier business community. 

We chart the course in developing the business and community leaders of Tahlequah and connect them to the resources they need to advance local commerce.

We are the voice that drives decisions that are beneficial to local businesses and our member stakeholders on the local, state, and federal level. We are the voice of our region’s businesses to policymakers to ensure that our local and state policies and regulations are beneficial to businesses and our member stakeholders. 

We are the community leader in economic development information, business education, entrepreneurship, workforce development, business attraction and retention, and tourism attraction.

Our Values

Integrity -  Vision   -  Stewardship  - Leadership -   Collaboration

Graphic including the definition of all of the Chamber's values.